Meet Dr. Deutsch’s Care Team


Terri is Dr. Deutsch’s devoted Clinical and Research Coordinator. She left healthcare to finish her graduate work in Chemical Engineering but by the grace of G-d, Terri is back at Dr. Deutsch’s side – and our patients are the lucky beneficiaries of her care and comittment. Terri was a Nurse in the United States Army and then served in the National Guard. Terri is well known as a patient advocate; always going the extra mile to get things done for our patients because “patient care is paramount.” She is warm, gracious, kind and is meticulous in her work. Terri and Dr. Deutsch has a wonderful rapport for several years at Kelsey Seybold Clinic – so well, in fact, that when Dr. Deutsch decided to move his practice to from Kelsey- Seybold his first phone call was to Terri.

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