Dr. Deutsch is a proud sponsor of 3 of the teams in the program including his son’s 11U team. As part of Dr. Deutsch’s commitment to keeping young arms healthy, he will be assisting the coaching staff throughout the season with medical advice regarding injury prevention, pre-game warm up, post game recovery and management of injuries.

“This is our third season with Cruz Baseball. The signature element of the Cruz Baseball program is their commitment to player development – both on and off the field. The coaches are focused on building a strong foundation of baseball skills and baseball IQ. Most importantly, the coaches are great role models who help players develop good habits, gain confidence and achieve success – which translates to the character development necessary for them to succeed in their adult lives.” – Dr. Allen Deutsch

The Cruz Baseball program attended the Rice Owls vs. Houston Cougars baseball game on Tuesday, March 27. It was a fun night with the Astros World Series trophy at Reckling Park.

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